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NetClean’s technical solutions are integrated with the VMware’s Workspace ONE platform and VMware Carbon black. The interoperability makes it easier than ever for businesses to deploy and manage NetClean’s solutions to protect their IT environment from child sexual abuse material, manage risk and protect their brand.

The combined data from NetClean’s and VMware’s technologies also makes it possible to conduct more thorough investigations when child sexual abuse material is discovered on company IT equipment.

The partnership

The NetClean – VMware partnership

NetClean and VMware share core values about using technology as a force for good. NetClean is a VMware Advanced Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) in the solution areas Digital Workspace and Security/Carbon Black. More information is available at VMware Marketplace.

The integration of NetClean ProActive and NetClean ProTective facilitates both deployment and management of these products for customers who already use Workspace ONE to manage their IT environment on one platform. It also makes it easier for Workspace ONE users who don’t have protection against child sexual abuse material in their IT environment, to effortlessly add this to their existing IT portfolio.

Words from our partner

Hear Natasha Tuck, former Director of Sustainability and ESG at VMware, on the partnership with NetClean. Also, hear Natasha Tuck and Anna Borgström, NetClean CEO, on the risks of CSAM and how acting on it helps protect companies and reduce real-world harm.

Deploy and manage

By using VMware Workspace ONE, it is easy to deploy, install and manage NetClean’s detection and blocking solutions on any device in a secure and controlled way. VMware Workspace ONE enables global reach and continuous maintenance of endpoints and devices through one platform, even to a remote and dispersed workforce. It also provides control and visibility across the entire stack of devices, and easy handling of updates and lifecycle asset management.

Through the integration of NetClean solutions to VMware Workspace ONE, the customer has easy access to end-points and devices, and can be sure to have the latest blocking lists and signature updates to detect and block child sexual abuse material.


Through the interoperability with VMware Carbon Black, it is possible to conduct more advanced and thorough investigations of incidents reported by NetClean ProActive. The powerful capabilities of Carbon Black can provide additional and vital case info, such as extended data and analysis of the user and endpoint that triggered the incident, thus aiding both the internal investigation and collaboration with law enforcement.

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