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We are proven experts in creating software that protects your business IT environment by detecting and blocking child sexual abuse material on your company devices – an underestimated threat to any company. Our products are integrated with global management and security platforms, ​which makes them easy for you to deploy, install and manage. Today, over a million licenses are installed by multi-national customers who use our software to take control over risks and increase resilience, while reducing real-world harm to children.


NetClean ProActive is powerful, scalable software detecting child sexual abuse material on work computers. With a proven technology ProActive protects end-points by finding images and videos that law enforcement have classified as child sexual abuse material.

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NetClean ProTective is an Effective software designed to block access to child sexual abuse material on business mobile devices. It identifies and blocks access to URLs, in real-time, using a uniquely combined and continually updated URL list, from some of the world’s most trusted sources.

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An underestimated threat

The handling of child sexual abuse material is a problem that exists in all parts of society. 750 000 people are looking at this type of illegal material on the internet at any given moment, according to the UN.

With 1 in 500 using company devices to access child sexual abuse material, most enterprises likely have underestimated the risk. Employees with this kind of behaviour have a highly elevated risk profile, exposing their workplace to threats such as cyber-attacks, blackmailing and the dark web. The large-scale shifts towards remote working have amplified the threat and uncovered cracks in businesses’ protection. At the same time, companies are reconsidering their contribution to the world to meet new demands from customers, employees, and investors.

We provide you as a sustainable and ethical business with solutions that protect your IT environment, increase your resilience, and give you the means to take clear action to improve society.

Child sexual abuse material on company devices – a tangible security risk


1 in 500 individuals look at child sexual abuse material while at work.


Half of those who consume child sexual abuse material abuse children physically.


64% of all organisations have experienced a case of CSAM in the last 5 years.

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