About us

Swedish changemakers with a global presence

With roots in Sweden, and presence worldwide – we are a nimble tech team of software and business talents on a scale-up journey. We are brave and driven change makers, with a mission to protect your IT environment against child sexual abuse material and create a positive and systemic impact around the globe. Our experience addressing this threat is long and profound, and we work closely with our customers to ensure continued innovation and product development. Our customers are companies and organizations with local as well as global footprints, private as well as public, in all sectors. We have over a million licenses installed at business devices around the globe. Today, we are part of the Safer Society Group and have our HQ in Gothenburg, in the heart of the Swedish tech mecca.

Our mission

Our mission is to develop and offer software products that detect and block child sexual abuse material on work IT devices with the aim to protect businesses, enhance their resilience and reduce real world harm to children.

Our vision

NetClean´s products are a natural part of the cyber security eco-system and a given solution for companies, organisations and partners worldwide, utilized on all work IT devices. With a loyal customer base on all prioritized markets, NetClean is perceived as a change maker creating a systemic impact on society.

Core values

Be brave. Bring drive. Create impact.

These are our values that also serve as our guiding principles. They are formulated as behaviors because it’s about actions. By being brave, bringing drive and striving to make an impact it becomes possible to create bright technology for a brighter future – By bright people!

Latest Corporate news

  • Nov222021

    Reflections on the NetClean Insights report

    Last week NetClean released NetClean Insights, a first-of-its-kind survey targeting senior IT professionals and assessing the threat that they face from child sexual abuse material (CSAM). I must say that I was taken by the numbers that were revealed but I’m not at all surprised.

  • Nov092021

    What’s Up – Oscar Pettersson and the Advanced VMware Partnership

    Recently we celebrated that we took our collaboration with VMware to the next level by becoming an Advanced Technology Alliance Partner. Find out from Oscar Pettersson, our Strategic Alliance Lead, what the top benefits are for customers and what has been most exciting so far.

  • Oct222021

    What’s up – Emma Rosell and Gothenburg Tech week

    This week, NetClean CTO Emma Rosell is part of the panel for Gothenburg Tech week, and we grabbed her on the go to ask five quick questions. Find out about her biggest career mistake and learning, how an early version of Apple triggered her to pursue a role in tech, and what her favorite NetClean product features are.

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