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NetClean develops one of the world’s leading technology solutions to protect businesses and organisations against child sexual abuse material. Our technology is used worldwide by multinational corporations and other businesses, government agencies and public sector organisations.

We are experts in detecting child sexual abuse material and safeguarding against child sexual abuse crime in the workplace. Using hashing technology, our solution protect workplace devices and IT environments. The technology reacts when it detects the digital fingerprint of an image or video that law enforcement has classified as child sexual abuse material. Through identifying persons with a potential sexual interest in children it is possible to rescue children from sexual abuse.

// Our Goal

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Our vision is that NetClean’s technology will be a given part in the fight against child sexual abuse material and seen as a natural element for sustainable and ethical businesses worldwide.

NetClean’s solutions affect all devices and is seen as a integral part in the fight against documented child sexual abuse.


Our mission is to offer premier technical solutions to stop child sexual abuse material that can save children. Our aim is to limit victimisation and prevent further suffering to victims of child sexual abuse, and to enable a brighter future for abused and exploited children.

Ultimately: To lead the way in creating a safer, smarter society.

Sharing knowledge

Our understanding of the problem of child sexual abuse material has been gained through years of working together with law enforcement, NGOs, technology companies and research institutes. We also work to share our knowledge. A good example is the NetClean Report, an annual publication that focuses on child sexual abuse crime. It provides valuable insights into the experience of law enforcement professionals working with child sexual exploitation cases.

Building effective technology

We apply our knowledge to develop effective solutions. Our technology detects known child sexual abuse material on work computers and within networks, no matter how it is handled. This helps keep the work environment free from this unwanted activity.


NetClean Technologies is part of the Safer Society Group which develops impact tech companies with a mission: to create a safer and better society.


All founders are still with the company and have key roles within the Safer Society Group. Pelle Garå, Head of Business Development. Christian Berg, CEO. Joakim Colliander, CFO. Mattias Shamlo, CTO.