Protection for all devices.

NetClean software products proactively detect and block child sexual abuse material on business IT devices.

why netclean products

Millions of reasons, no excuses.

Child sexual abuse material can be found everywhere. Online and on storage devices. NetClean's software supports corporate, legal and commercial responsibilities to detect and block access to CSAM, and to report it responsibly. There are no drawbacks to these installations, but millions of reasons to have them.Read more about risk profiles

What our customers say

Brand protection is incredibly important as CSAM crime damages businesses’ reputation immensely. In particular, banking employees are vulnerable to blackmail and so it’s important for banks to ensure that they do not have staff who engage in this criminal behavior.

Why NetClean products

Products built on experience and engineered for impact.

NetClean ProActive and NetClean ProTective plug seamlessly into existing security setups, invisibly manage alerts and work seamlessly with law enforcement.
  • Impact

    Unity of product and purpose in the NetClean difference. Our technology tackles a real-world problem.

    Our one-of-a-kind technology protects IT systems and devices and also supports businesses to deal with the real-world processes that follow detection.
  • Law Enforcement

    We work actively with law enforcement. Years of collaboration, interdependence and mutual respect have shaped our close partnership.

    NetClean products aid law enforcement agencies' work and investigations. Information from detections turns into digital signatures, and we in turn receive new digital signatures which we automatically share with customers who have our products installed.
  • Partnerships

    We strive for impact through accessibility. Our protection can be acquired easily through our established global partners.

    NetClean partners with global brands VMware, Arrow and Splunk. We integrate with these security platforms to enable faster and more cost-effective investigations.
  • Seamlessness

    NetClean products operate in the background, working discreetly but effectively on laptops, phones and in the cloud.

    NetClean products are designed for laptops, phones and the cloud. Our hash-based detection removes false positives and reduces the administrative burden, and our hashing algorithm is optimized to have minimal impact on device performance.


Our products

Our portfolio has software products designed for laptops, phones, and the cloud. They are built on experience and engineered for impact, with a clear purpose.

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