NetClean ProTective

Blocking of child sexual abuse material on mobile work devices.

NetClean ProTective illustration
NetClean ProTective illustration


NetClean ProTective offers vital protection for business mobile devices by blocking access to websites known to contain child sexual abuse material. The uniquely combined and continually updated URL list, from some of the world’s primary and dedicated sources, makes it an effective protective solution.

Key features

  • Blocks web pages on both Android and iOS devices

  • Uses a uniquely combined blocklist of web page URLs known to contain child sexual abuse material

  • The URLs in the blocklist come from trusted national and international sources

  • The continually updated blocklist ensures high accuracy and coverage

  • ProTective integrates easily with mobile device management (MDM) systems such as VMware Workspace ONE and Microsoft Intune

  • Works both on and off work premises

How ProTective works

Blocking on iOS devices is done through the ProTective Content Filter iOS app. Blocking on Android devices does not require an app installation, since it utilizes the built-in blocking functionality served by the MDM.
  • 001

    URLs are inspected on work mobile devices

  • 002

    A URL to a web page containing CSAM is entered in a work mobile browser

  • 003

    The page is blocked, and a message is displayed saying the page is blocked

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Trusted parters

The combined URLs in the blocklist comes from trusted sources

The intel for NetClean’s block list comes from dedicated sources such as the British Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) and Project Arachnid. The URLs from these sources are combined into one single blocklist – The ProTective Blocklist. ProTective utilizes the blocklist to prevent users from reaching these URLs on their mobile devices.

The NetClean ProTective Blocklist is continually updated to make sure that it is effective. This is very important since URLs containing CSAM constantly change – they move around, disappear and new ones appear.


Integrations with mobile device management systems

  • Integrations

    VMware Workspace ONE

    VMware Workspace ONE is a workspace management tool that is used by countless organizations today to manage applications on devices linked to their network. NetClean ProTective is delivered with an automatic integration with Workspace ONE, enabling quick and easy deployment and management of ProTective across a network of mobile devices.
  • Integrations

    Microsoft Intune

    Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based service focusing on managing mobile devices and programs, enabling configuration of settings to control the usage of an organisation’s mobile resources. NetClean ProTective offers an automatic integration with Microsoft Intune, facilitating quick and easy deployment and management of ProTective across an organisation’s fleet of mobile devices.
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A comprehensive real-time protection

NetClean Impact also consists of NetClean ProActive. Read more about detection of child sexual abuse material on work computers.

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