Be a part of something great!

NetClean is an impact tech company that builds technology to tackle and stop the spread of child sexual abuse material. Our goal is to enable a brighter future for children all over the world. Join us and work with technology that makes a positive impact on society – be part of something great!

Quality, Knowledge
and Dedication

Our guiding principles are quality, knowledge and dedication. They are present in everything we do, also in the recruitment process.


Quality is about efficiency and competence. At an organisational level this means building effective solutions that really make an impact. On an individual level, we promote an environment that helps people grow their talent and open up new possibilities.


Dedication is about creating a brighter future for children. However, it is also about finding talent that can show dedication, professionalism and work hard with us to fulfil our goal.


Knowledge is the foundation of our work. It informs how we develop effective solutions and it helps us understand our customers’ needs. We work across many organisations, borders and sectors to gather and analyse information. And as we believe in contributing to society we share our data and findings with the community that works hard to safeguard children.

Life at NetClean

Our office is located in the centre of Gothenburg. More specifically in a bright and spacious building close to Masthuggstorget. This neighbourhood offers a relaxed atmosphere with many popular restaurants. There are several gyms located close by, and there is a tram-stop right outside the office entrance.

Having fun!

Working to tackle child sexual abuse material is a serious and sometimes very dark issue. Our corporate culture is therefore dedicated to ensuring that people also have fun while at work. Great colleagues, lots of laughter, an open attitude and a friendly atmosphere is key to making this a great place. Colleagues drive events such as Friday after work, table tennis matches and many other team activities.

Something more

Joining the NetClean team means being part of something that makes a difference. It means contributing to saving children around the world. We who work here agree that this is highly rewarding and contributes to high level of job satisfaction. Come work with us!


We are always keen to hear from bright, dedicated, and driven people with strong analytical skills and an innovative mind-set. People that want to feel proud of what they do.

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