One alert led the police to CSAM production, which helped remove children from real-life harm

This is an actual case from an organization in Sweden who uses software that detects child sexual abuse material on work computers.

The following case was unrevealed when the organization received an alert that one of their employees had used a USB-stick to access child sexual abuse material on his work computer. The alert contained five files, with images that were classified as child sexual abuse material, but not of the most severe character. The images were verified and the police initiated an investigation. A house search at both the workplace and the individual’s home was planned and later executed.

Meanwhile, the employee had been away from the office for a week. When he returned, the computer sent alerts for four more instances that had occurred while the individual was using the computer away from the office. The alerts were from different times of the day and included a larger number of files.

At the house search the suspect's computer and other devices were seized, including his mobile phone. When the police examined the contents of the mobile phone, they found newly produced material, images and videos, depicting the sexual abuse of two young children living with the suspect – his partner’s two children.

Further investigation revealed that the suspect was acting in collaboration with another man, who directed the sexual abuse of the children, which was live-streamed to him via Skype.

As a result of the detection, police investigation and judicial process, both men were sentenced to jail and the children were safeguarded.

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