One alert led to hundreds of child sexual abuse files being discovered

The following is an actual case from a large organisation with multinational presence. The organisation has software that detects child sexual abuse material installed on all company computers globally.

In 2018 security officials at the company Headquarters received an alert that one of their employees in the US had accessed three images depicting child sexual abuse. The individual who worked in HR had used his company laptop to access the files. The alert also showed that the images had been accessed outside working hours. In the days following the first alert, numerous new alerts were received.

The security officials at the company HQ confirmed the content of the images with law enforcement authorities. They then notified members of the local ICAC task force in the US about the suspicious activity. The local police authorities reviewed the images and obtained a search warrant for the suspects home.

During the house search, a large number of electronic equipment was seized, including the company laptop. During the examination of the seized devices, the police discovered hundreds of child sexual abuse images. The suspect, who pleaded guilty in court, faced a maximum sentence of two years in jail.

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