Excellence in Central Government

Bob Lewis MBE, Strategic Advisor at NetClean, and Andy Batty from our esteemed partner boxxe, will deliver a compelling keynote at the Excellence in Central Government event at Staverton Park Hotel and Golf Club in Daventry on February 14th.

Their session promises insightful perspectives on how NetClean, in collaboration with boxxe, empowers organizations to identify, investigate, and mitigate cyber risks stemming from insider misuse of company assets. It also highlights how our UK customers can benefit from the integration of NetClean into boxxe’s MSP for a more seamless experience.

Attendees can anticipate learning how our robust solution helps bridge security gaps, protecting against deliberate actions that compromise assets with illicit material.

Session details

  • Wednesday, Feb 14
  • Staverton Park Hotel and Golf Club, Daventry.
  • 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM CET


  • Bob Lewis MBE, Strategic Advisor, NetClean
  • Andy Batty, Security sales specialist, boxxe

For more information on the event and speakers, please visit the event page

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