Mitigating the $4.8 Million Sting: How NetClean Shields Organizations from Insider Threats

Anna Borgström

CEO | NetClean

'Insider risk is 100% of users - Insider threat is the 1% of users with intentionally bad action'

Insider threats represent a significant risk to organizations, involving individuals with authorized access potentially harming the organization intentionally or unintentionally. This risk extends to various domains, including cybersecurity, where insider activities, such as CSAM (child sexual abuse material) consumption, can lead to severe security breaches and reputational damage.

Research show that 1 in 500 company computers in average are utilized to consume CSAM. The involvement of insiders in CSAM activities not only poses ethical and legal concerns but also cybersecurity risks, as such activities often coincide with security protocol breaches and the introduction of malware and other cyber threats into the corporate network.

The "2023 Cost of Insider Risks Global Report" underscores the financial impact of these threats, with malicious insiders costing organizations an average of $701,500 per incident and contributing to an annual cost of $4.8 million.

NetClean's software, specifically designed to address CSAM-related activities with no false positives, uniquely based on factual data, fill a crucial security gap that traditional cybersecurity measures overlook.

“Not every insider risk becomes an insider threat; however, every insider threat started as an insider risk.” - Gartner

By focusing on the malicious or deliberate actions that compromise company assets- and people through the consumption of illicit material, NetClean provides an additional layer of security. This unique and targeted approach is essential for ensuring comprehensive protection against the challenges posed by CSAM consumption within corporate environments.

Integrating NetClean's software with existing cybersecurity frameworks significantly enhances organizations' capabilities to detect, investigate, and remediate cyber risks associated with insider threats in a cost-efficient manner, thereby greatly improving their insider risk management programs.

For organizations looking to strengthen their stance against insider threats, incorporating technology like NetClean's into their cybersecurity arsenal is a strategic move. It not only addresses a critical security concern but also demonstrates a commitment to ethical business practices and the protection of vulnerable individuals in society, all while potentially mitigating the substantial financial impacts highlighted in the "2023 Cost of Insider Risks Global Report."

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