NetClean ProActive

Detection of child sexual abuse material on work computers and in cloud storage

NetClean ProActive illustration
NetClean ProActive illustration


ProActive protects endpoints and cloud storage and works similar to anti-virus software, by finding images and videos that law enforcement have classified as child sexual abuse material.

Key features

  • Detects CSAM based on law enforcement classifications

  • Real-time detection and response

  • Effortless and operates discreetly in the background

  • Minimal impact on device performance

  • Detects on file level using advanced hashing technology

  • Icon around the clock

    Always on – online and offline

How ProActive works

Detection at content level - A crucial difference.

NetClean ProActive identifies material that law enforcement agencies have defined as CSAM. It detects actual images and videos at content level, making NetClean ProActive much more effective than traditional filter solutions that only block URLs or file names.



The ProActive agent runs in the background monitoring file changes.

An incident is reported by an agent when a user handles a CSAM classified file.



The appointed incident manager receives a notification and can access all incident information via the ProActive Management interface.

Incident information such as time of incident, file and computer name can be extracted in multiple formats and used for further investigation.

ProActive detection methods image

The information can also be integrated with other security platforms for even more in-depth investigations.

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Working closely with law enforcement

We work with national and international law enforcement agencies. They continually provide us with unique digital signatures for files classified as child sexual abuse material. These signatures are used by computer and cloud agents in our software to detect on file level – online and offline.

ProActive is also capable of finding non-classified files that are visually similar to already classified images and videos. If classified as CSAM, they are added to the list of CSAM signatures, strengthening intel used by both law enforcement and NetClean.

  • 001

    Police seize images and video

  • 002

    Police verify and classify files as CSAM

  • 003

    A unique digital signature is retrieved for each file

  • 004

    These signatures are continually added to the ProActive Signature Database

  • 005

    All agents use a local copy of the signatures for comparison and detection


Discover ProActive

For a more in-depth guide on NetClean ProActive, this video takes you through a comprehensive tour of our system, covering everything from detection methods and system management to incident handling. Whether you’re new to NetClean ProActive or looking to understand our system better, this video has you covered.


    Integrations with security platforms

    ProActive Webhook

    Integrate NetClean ProActive with your existing security or SIEM system. With the webhook add-on, you can also gather more comprehensive data from other security solutions in your system, allowing you to get a broader picture of the user and asset that triggered the incident.

    This extended data enables you to conduct more thorough investigations, both internally and in cooperation with law enforcement.

    VMware Carbon Black Cloud

    VMware Carbon Black Cloud is a cloud native platform that provides anti-virus and endpoint detection and response, threat hunting and vulnerability management.

    Integrating VMware Carbon Black Cloud with ProActive enables more thorough investigations when CSAM is detected on an endpoint. Carbon Black Cloud is capable of providing additional relevant information, such as extended data and analysis of both the user and endpoint that triggered the incident.

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    A comprehensive real-time protection

    NetClean Impact also consists of NetClean ProTective. Read more about blocking child sexual abuse material on mobile work devices.

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